Project Overview

Europe was characterized of slow economic growth and of high youth unemployment rate is especially noticeable in urban and rural areas in the EU. 18.8% of young people living in rural areas in the 28 state – members are unemployed, which drivers follow themselves to a negative last, as they are for younger people and for rural residents like some. If it is needed to order effects, it can be said that there are three factors in terms of personally, economically and socially. When analysed personally, there are some side effects of them; Increasing the odds of being unemployed in later stage of their lives, lower wages, Having lack of skills, Social exclusions, being dragged into conditions that reduce the level of happiness.

Promoting youth entrepreneurship is the best way to respond to the challenges concerning youth unemployment . Unfortunately, however, we see lower levels of youth entrepreneurship in rural areas than in larger cities, which leads to economic deprivation and abandonment of these areas, high levels of migration and a low standard of living there. One of the main reasons for these low levels of youth entrepreneurship initiative in rural areas is the limited opportunities for young people to access information and develop their business knowledge and skills, the more closed type of behavior of rural youth and the lack of financial resources to acquire new ones skills.


To encourage youth rural entrepreneurship by providing a complete package of all the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills needed to start a business in rural areas.

Specific Objectives

  • Free Access to educational material (OER) for rural entrepreneurship and digital upskilling
  • Easy access to updated and tailor-made educational packages from VET or other education providers.
  • An entrepreneurial ecosystem to support them with active engagement of public and private stakeholders.
  • Enhanced capacity for making a living in rural areas, through sustainable business and high revenue employment.
  • Offering a more satisfying, secure (economically, socially, environmentally) and healthy living in contact with nature.


  • VET provider will benefit from OER for reaching new clients and from participating to Rural Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Panels (REEPs)
  • Local authorities will benefit from attracting young residents and from balanced/sustainable economic growth 
  • Partnership with private organization will enable more active participation in applying for funding through national or other programmes.

  • Youth and cultural/local associations will benefit from the increase of youth population and activity.
  • Professional association and chambers will benefit from local economy growth and for new/young members and their fresh ideas.

Policy makers will benefit form active youth participation, feedback and eventually best practices developed.

Rural population in general will benefit from economic growth, population age balance, cultural and societal revival,sustainable development and enhance services availability in their regions.

Parent will also benefit from not being separated from their children and their families.

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Project Number: 2021-1-BG01-KA220-YOU-000029589